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Thread: 1991 Fleetwood Southwind

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    1991 Fleetwood Southwind

    I picked up this a little over a year ago and Man what a can of worms. I'm to trusting.
    I was told it had its problems and yes i expected some but not this!
    As you recall I had been rebuilding a 1977 Titan Dodge power train and well the weather took out the roof before I could get to it, again.
    So it was time to up grade.
    An i'm getting older and my health is going down hill so it was time to give myself a break. Boy was I wrong.
    the body over all is great but the engine went through a series of miss diagnosis on my part and a lot of changing directions.
    I was told it had fuel problems and after a test drive It seemed like the seller was correct, I'm Ok with some of this and I have some Friends Who are good ford Mechanics got it home pulled the dog house and Oh Shit its a multi port fuel injection 460 ford.
    Ok i'm no expert but I do have resources,
    No one wanted to help me the moment I said Motor home.
    I dove into this thing with all the hope in the world that ' It can't be that bad.
    I went through checking the injectors and found that when i dis connected two on the right side there was no change in the idle. I sent a small camera in to the cylinders through the injector hole and checked the valves as best i could and they seemed fine valves were fairly clean so I went ahead and looked into new Injectors. new were between. $110 and way out there $300 I didn't like the idea so I asked around and found out that rebuilt injectors are much less. I got 8 for $100 about. with a 1 year guarantee.

    this was not the problem after doing some other things I finely did a Compression test Should have listened to my self left side front to rear 155, 150, 160 and 155, That seemed great right side 35, 45, 45, 95. oh crap!
    pulled the head and this is what I found

    oh crap and the head gasket had hole between #1and # 2 cylnders and was leaking under between 2 and 3.
    talked to the guy I bought it from and he gave me another head from a newer motor home of course I had to pull it.

    Needless to say I had to know what was causing this. After checking around These Motor homes are Notorious for clogging Cat converters, and this is the result. got it all back together and went for and overnight-er to the sand dunes close by and it ran great. I was very surprised with the power, a month later decided to go to Lake Powell for a night and Ran awesome on the way out but on the way back it fell on its face and I knew what had happened same feel as before
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    Left side head was toast too. compression dropped to 85, 95, 65 and 55
    Again I should have done both sides the guy gave me another head again.
    I'm now in the process of putting it on the old head was worse on the left side then the right side I didn't think I needed to replace it with such High compression, boy was I wrong.
    I guess I'm getting lazy in my old age. LOL.
    no I just don't like working 1 foot below my knees on an engine.
    here are some shots of the old and new left head

    I don't think this crack is supposed to be between the valves

    Lapped the valves and they look very good new seals

    the newer heads have larger valves and better seats from what I have been able to gleem from the www. and the older 1st gen Mulit port heads Had problems. so it looks like I'm ahead of the game. I'm seriously thinking about paying someone to rebuild the engine and tranz in this this winter.
    this is a shot of the new rig

    On a side note I am selling my 1977 Titian dodge 440 runs awesome but the body needs of work drive train is great, it does need tires. and exhaust work.
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    Should be an interesting build. Lots of puctures please. I saw a garage pull the motor out the front to work on it. I have worked on a class A. It is not fun to have to lie down to work on the motor. Some of the work I had to do from under the home.
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