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Thread: Replacing fuel injectors in a 2.8

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    Replacing fuel injectors in a 2.8

    I am no mechanic by a long shot and barely able to find my own backside with both hands. Just went through an long period of trouble shooting my 88 Corcia 2.8 . About 8 months ago it began to run rough, idle badly and die when you stopped. Took it to a shop and we tried a few things. (don't remember list ) I decided that it had to be the fuel injectors because about 8 years ago a (professional ) mechanic charged me 2500.00 to get it running after 2 weeks. He threaten to push it out of his shop cause we were getting frustrated at the lack of progress. Found out he replaced the injectors with a set from a 89 or 90 Beretta. It never idled right from that day. So when I had problems that were not going away (dying rough idle etc ) I felt it had to be the injectors. I don't know how many miles the ones he put in but we had added another 100,000 miles. Great, we will replace them anyway. How much for injectors ?!! Lets be cheep and order a set from China for a 100.00.
    Between the rain and other things I never got around to putting in the China injectors till this month. Started car---HOLEY CHET--did the motor race. WTF.? Got Wife to listen to see if She could hear air leak. Took a piece of tissue paper and it sucked part of it down an injector hole. Shut off ! Wondered if because they went in so easy maybe they were too short ? (remember I have never fooled with injectors ) Bag it, went to NAPA and 525.00 dollars later had ones made in the USA. Got them in-fired up motor. Sucess ! Car runs better that it ever has. Now I wonder if the old injectors were just a little short.? I hate doing work on a car that is not original parts, or something someone else has repaired.
    Probably to some of you this seems so self evident. Did learn two things. Just buy the right parts from someone you trust ( you can yell at them if they are the wrong ones ) and never trust a Professional mechanic from a small town in Mississippi when your tags say Ca.
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    I'm in the same boat but from what I have learned. it's like any thing else same same or stick to what the book says,. on application sounds like you did. I recently (well a year ago+) pickup a 1991 Fleetwood Southwind very clean interior for the year and had all that i wanted in a Land barge, well i was told it had a carburetor problem drove it an it seem like he was right. needless to say he was WAY off but I did go through the best way I could find two cylinders on the left bank had no reaction when i disconnected the injectors and after sending a small camera i have in to the head It looked as if the injector could be at fault. So I researched injectors and found some things that, at the time were, what I thought beyond me. the are fairly simple in design a for the most part very rugged. but they do have there draw backs, Clogging being the biggest problem. I did not want to pay $110 dollars a piece for new ones but found a place in southern cal that rebuilt them I was able to get a hole set of 8 for $100 with no core charge. and also after reading up on them some more rebuilding them is very simple.
    needless to say this was not the problem with my motor home. I am starting a post on this mess soon.

    Good luck on your endeavors.
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