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Thread: Hello Garage Insider Peoples

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    Calgary, Alberta

    Hello Garage Insider Peoples

    My name is Stuart and I'm a gearhead.

    Have had my meat hooks into a few projects that includes; '65 Triumph Herald, 74 Plymouth Satellite Sebring Plus, 72 Toyota Celica, 74 Datsun 260z, 75 Triumph TR-6, '90 GMC 2500, FXR Custom prostreet....

    Currently toying with a 2002 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE. Not really worth that much but i don't like the newer trucks (or prices) and figure for a few dollars and abunch of knuckle scraps I could build a fairly decent parts runner for my shop Have owned the truck since 2005 and it's been good to me. Other than the standard rocker panel/lower doorskin rust issues, which i can deal with fairly easily myself, the truck is in servicable shape. ...but who wants servicable. 😂 Have talked with Lou Santiago on the Thursday evening podcast some months back but my work schedule has prevented me from watching live and participating. My question or info request is a follow up on a suspension drop for the truck. Lou you had mentioned the level of suspension drop I could achieve without changing the pinion angles on the front drive shafts. Would you please repeat that info. I thought it was 4/6 but not sure. Ālso, as the truck is 4x4 and lowering kits/packages are fairly scarce. Suggestions on who to chase information from would be greatly appreciated.

    Will post a few pictures when I actually begin the project but for now... it's just a stock blue pickum up truck like all the other stock pickum up trucks rollin around.

    Looking forward to your guidance.

    Until when next - ENJOY!!
    Stuart Hunter
    Calgary, Alberta CANADA

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    Welcome.! Looking forward to seeing your projects. Hoping to start working on a one of mine if I can ever get home. Our truck keeping breaking down. Again Welcome!
    Proud owner of several "time release" ferrous oxide projects.
    74 Thing 85 F250
    74 Ghia 71 F250
    84 Jetta 88 Corcia
    03 Jetta 91 Bob (Tempo)
    69 Bug 01 International 20' box
    (added-82 Jetta -81 Rabbit truck-both diesel)

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    Yo UNCLE, welcome aboard.


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