2 of the 3 drs told me I could start moving around the garage again.They still don't know why I start sweating heavy. I'm going to start back on the quarterpanel in sept when hopefully it's less humid.
Got the new front valance and the chin spoiler for the vert.Yes thats the wife's 07 stang in the picture,It'll be going bye bye soon,More problems with the transmission again. Instead of fixing it this time she wants an new car.

De-Greasing the C4 out of mine.These are so much easier to deal with than all that electronic bullshit on these cars now.Running joke "Give me a blindfold,a cigarette,and a beer and come back in 2 hours and it'll be rebuilt and back in the car and driving".I did pick up a Master Rebuild kit off ebay for it.Has damn near everything in it including both bands.