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Thread: The guidelines/ common sense works great...

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    The guidelines/ common sense works great...

    The following are the rules and guidelines for Discussion Forums. Ignorance of the Rules and Guidelines is no Excuse!!!

    Productive and positive discussions are encouraged. Anything not meeting these objectives will be stopped. That means donít be a JERK! I donít have anything against foul Language I use it just donít get CRAZY with it. If you are a long time member, act like one. Lead by example and assist other newer members rather then attacking them. The OLD TIMERS should use this opportunity to teach the newer members the appropriate message board usage. This website, and any bulletin board forums will not be used as leverage against a site sponsor, company represented on the site, Administrator or Moderator. Keep your personal problems and dealings with the above said off Any threads or posts meeting these standards will be moved off the site.


    1. To post or transmit hate speech, harassing content, threats of violence against another member written in a serious manner or joking with a hint of innuendo will lead from a 48 hour suspension or immediate suspension off the web site at the Administrators discretion
    2. To post or transmit material in violation of copyright laws is a no-no.
    3. No pissing matches. Its fine to disagree, but once a thread has run its course, and degenerated into little more than an insult fest, it will be GONE. While this will require a judgment call by the Administrators & Moderators. The members of this site can keep our moderating to a minimum by exercising a little discretion and self- control.
    4. Pure trolling, either to upset someone or simply for your personal
    enjoyment, is strictly prohibited. If you're here to cause trouble, it will be a very short stay. Immediate BAN and you will be reported to your ISP.
    5. Posting or transmitting commercial or bulk e-mail through use of this bulletin board network will lead to a permanent ban.
    6. To post here or transmit off-topic and/or link to websites; in regards to selling merchandise (such as but not limited to t-shirts, hats, bumper stickers, key chains, coins, etc.) that may represent any current and/or future marketable interest of by way of capitalizing on our
    platform thru our members without the prior written permission or approval of is not authorized, and is prohibited.
    7. No Spamming or Advertising on ANY forum, regards to any product(s) your pushing, unless you are a paid advertiser, or have had the administrators approval! This guideline is for all Companies and Individuals, using our site to advertise their site of choice or trying to make money off the members! If you are an Individual selling parts for profit (new or used) on a large or semi large scale, this applies to you.
    8. No inappropriate pictures. No nudity will be permitted. If you have to think about posting a picture anywhere else on this Discussion Forum then it's a good bet you should not post it. To post or transmit content that is legally obscene or that violates child pornography statutes; that contains graphic depictions of sexual acts, or visual depictions of sexually explicit conduct involving children; or that contains depictions of children, the primary appeal of which is prurient. Any inappropriate avatars will be deleted at the discretion of an Administrator. This applies to Farm Animals also. If youíre a freak keep it in your home.
    9. Fraudulent practices or attempts to defraud another will lead to account suspension and banning. This is in direct reference to items offered for sale, trade, or leading someone on as a buyer.
    I will turn you in! This also applies to people posting fabricated lies about another user or business. If you have a real issue, discuss it off the site, but don't make up lies because you're upset with someone. will not put up with this kind of CRAP.
    10. To engage in illegal, unlawful, tortuous or other conduct that interferes with ability to provide service and/or interferes with the rights of others, is strictly prohibited. Such conduct includes, but is not limited to: libel, invasion of privacy, consumer fraud, and unauthorized dissemination of trade secrets, violation of trademark laws, hacking, or transmittal of commercially restricted information. You will be turned in and dealt with accordingly.
    11. All For Sale posts shall have a price or prices, as well as your
    location. No bids or auctions allowed here!!! If you don't know the
    price of what you are selling, then you should do some research. If a Moderator or Administrator here asks you to post price(s) and you have not within a 24 hour time frame, they will delete your thread, period.
    12. It is against our policy for someone to post a complaint about a memberís price on whatever they are selling. If you don't like the price then skip it. Let it drop to the bottom on its own. They (potential buyers) will figure it out, why nobody is jumping on that particular item.
    13. Multiple Posting - It is simply not acceptable to post your question more than once, or to post it in more than one forum. Choose the forum that your question or post best fits in, and place it there and only there. If, after posting, you feel it should be in another forum, private message the forum Moderator and ask if they would move it for you.

    14. No posts meant strictly to drive your post count up, or otherwise abuse server resources. If you make a post to drive your post count up, two times the number of posts made to increase your post count will be removed from your count.
    15. No Dummy Accounts register using only one user name. Creating multiple user accounts or flooding the board will be considered a denial-of-service attack on the forums and will result in your being banned from the forum and reported to your ISP.
    16. If you need to change your name contact and Administrator and tell them that you want to change your name. (Just because you want to change your name doesnít mean you will get it.) Then Register the new name and an Administrator will delete your old account. If you do not notify an Administrator of the new account, it will be assumed to be a dummy account and dealt with as stated previously.
    17. Posts regarding politics or religion are strongly discouraged. These posts tend to create pissing matches and will be closed.
    18. Administrators or staff is not responsible for any transactions on or off the forums. We will work hard to ensure you a smooth transaction. As far as the For Sale area, buyers beware.

    * Any of these violations will lead to your account being suspended for 48 hours or more at the discretion of an Administrator the first time. Any future violations will lead to a permanent suspension of your membership. By becoming a member you agree to adhere to these guidelines. These guidelines are subject to change without notice and a current version is always available in each forum. Furthermore, we reserve the right to "ban" your account for any reason at anytime.

    ** reserves the right to use any posted materials in future projects, such as but not limited to tech articles, photo galleries, calendars or newsletters.

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    Hello guys...This is jon from California and i will follow all guidelines of you.
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    Me too..I'm in.

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    I think what you posted Lou sounds like common sense. Too bad it needs to be in writing. I will be happy to follow the guidelines set forth.

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