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  1. Two days rain, no leak. will up date after we have a heavy driving rain. later
  2. You answer when its necessay. Some things don't need a reply. Thinks.
  3. Thank you for the up date
    Sorry about not paying attention to your messages
  4. Not a lot of rain since i put on the coating. What rain we had didn't leak. As the year goes I'll let you know.
  5. The exposed rivits we after coating them with Genco? As you can see the plas is thicker. That is only one coat. Let you know later this year.
  6. Hay tell me how well it works and how thick it needs to be sounds Good!
  7. Am trying a product called Plas-t-cote. The rv place said that it was good for sealing seams. Put some on my daugthers trialer and it seemed to help. Put on the L front courner of my boxtruck. It was leaking again. I had used another sealer that was suppose to be very good. Genco or something like that. I think I had reccommended it. This stuff seems thicker and seems to be somewhat fribrus. We will see how this works.
  8. Sorry papa to take so long getting back to you I use Photo bucket ( you will need an account) to transfer some shots.I up load to that place pick how I want people to see them ,any body, and use Img code, there is two choices at least on mine, section to the right of the picture. it's free, here's a link to them
  9. Don't want to bother Lou. Can you help me to post pictures so someone can see them without signing in. I can post using the web page but those only come up when someone is signed in. Thanks....
    Papa skwirl
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